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Area Survey- Peoria AZ

DentaMedia Social Factor Score: 19 | City: Peoria State: Arizona Zip: 85345, 85381, 85382, 85383 | Population: 154,566

Area Survey- Peoria AZ



Peoria, AZ, population 162,000, is the 6th biggest city in Arizona, and one of the fastest growing cities in the United States. Its population has grown 300% since 1990. Peoria is a suburb of Phoenix, Arizona, and at the moment the investment in dental offices in Peoria has not kept up with the city's population growth. In contrast to similar sized cities in Texas, where we see a strong development of advanced dental marketing techniques, Peoria has just entered into this phase, so we can expect to see investment in new offices, and the application of advanced dental marketing techniques in the years to come. One factor that could be holding back new investment in dentistry, and dental marketing, could be the proportion of growth attributed to retirees, as opposed to the growth in families seen in the suburbs of the leading cities of Texas.


That said, three offices in Peoria score higher than +20 on the Denta+media® Social Factors marketing scale- the top scoring office being Faces Orthodontics, which scores a +26 on our scale, which means that they are practicing many of the features of the Social Factors marketing that Denta+media® recommends. Most importantly, Faces Orthodontics is staffed for success, with a dedicated marketing coordinator, Evan White. Concerning in-bound marketing, Faces Orthodontics utilizes many of the leading social media outlets well, including Facebook, where office activities and reviews are posted, and the office pictures demonstrate a very healthy participation in local health, social and educational events. Faces Orthodontics also scored highly in their Google reviews- where the majority of their reviews are posted.


Also notable in the area was Pleasant Dentistry at Westbrook Village, with good local event and charity participation, and good use of social media- resulting in a +21 on our Denta+media® Social Factors marketing scale. Deer Valley Orthodontics also scored+ 21 with a great staffing dedication to management and marketing, and good use of social media.

In general, we see a high proportion of pediatric dental offices scoring well in fast growing areas like this- at the moment the area is tilted more towards prosthodontics, which also indicates a demographic issue- a tilt towards seniors. We will keep an eye on Peoria AZ and examine these trends in the future.