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Area Survey; Redondo Beach, CA

DentaMedia Social Factor Score: 8 | City: Renondo Beach State: CA Zip: 90277, 90278 | Population: 68000

Redondo Beach Dentist



Area Survey; Renondo Beach, CA

Redondo Beach is a beach community proximate to Los Angeles, and as such, not an ideal location for sub medical businesses such as dentistry. Dental offices have to compete with tourist related businesses for real estate, and to deal with the high cost of real estate in general. Interestingly, there is minimal penetration of chain dentistry in Redondo Beach. The immediate community has a population of 68,000, so with a ratio of 1:1 (64 operating dental offices,) the local competition is still strong, although we do not see the same rate of population growth or the entry of new offices. In a geographically bounded area such as Redondo Beach, sole proprietor offices will need to maximize outbound marketing techniques such as participation in local events in order to gain local market share.


Two offices in Redondo Beach score higher than +20 on our Denta+media®Social Factors marketing scale, which measures the use of advanced dental marketing practices by dental offices. With the high per capita income and real estate value in the area, we could conclude that the majority of the dental offices in Redondo Beach could benefit from marketing services. There are a high percentage of orthodontic offices, for example, with scores between +5 and +15, indicating an interest in advanced dental marketing without a full commitment at this time.


Michael Hopkins dental office scores a +31 on our Denta+media®Social Factors scale, indicating a top 1% in the United States use of advanced dental marketing techniques. At Denta+media, we track four categories of dental marketing: social media use, branding, personnel commitment and local event participation.


Their expertise is strongest in the use of social media, earning 2000+ likes on Facebook, and most interestingly, a lot of thorough local reviews on LinkedIn. The office has a flawless record on Yelp, evidence of great management and customer service. We see some participation in local events and interaction with customers through contests. Twitter use by dentists is a difficult skill to master, but Dr. Michael Hopkins is doing a good job with regular posts and 400+ followers. The most interesting YouTube video deals with the office participation in the local Revlon run- a health care event where office branding was evident, and the video demonstrated great production value as well. By touching all the bases Dr. Michael Hopkins has created a great profile in the local community- and a very successful dental practice.

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