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Bellavue WA

DentaMedia Social Factor Score: 0 | City: Bellevue State: WA Zip: 68005, 68123, 68147, 980, 98005, 98006, 98007, 98008, 98027, 98033 | Population: 135,000



Area Survey- Bellevue WA




The population of Bellevue, WA has almost doubled in the last sixteen years- in our research this week we have identified 189 dental offices in a city of 135,000 people. The median family income in Bellevue is $89,000, placing it well above the national average. Bellevue was most recently ranked 2nd in USA Today's best places to live in the United States. With such a high concentration of dental offices in an affluent area, we can expect to find many examples of dental offices practicing advanced dental marketing techniques. Bellevue has all of the ingredients we are looking for-an outlying integrated city which is a suburb of an affluent, growing major metropolitan area- and we do find many high ranking offices in Bellevue.

Everyone By One is one of the more interesting dental offices that we have researched in our Denta+media® Area research.


The branding of the office itself is very interesting, in that the web site does not immediately present itself as a dental practice. At Denta+media®, we have recommended that the public profile of the dental practice be centered on community engagement, and Everyone by One, a pediatric dental office, is the first office that we see local branding merging with this concept. Besides having a strong logo which is communicated on the web site, Facebook page and Twitter page. Everyone By One's commitment to community events is very thorough- they engage in social events, local charities and interact with local schools in educational and donation related events. The office is staffed up for local engagement with a full business staff including community outreach organizer. The town of Bellevue is very health oriented, with a well organized local government and a full event schedule giving dental offices many opportunities to meet with the interested public.

Besides this outstanding office in Bellevue, Bellevue Perio, a local mini-chain, scored +26 on our Denta+media® Social Factors marketing scale, Mint Kids Dentistry scored high with a +21, and Lake Hills and Advanced Orthodontics weighed in with +18. Considering that there are 189 dental offices active on the local scene, Bellevue Washington has one of the highest potential dental office marketing markets in the United States.


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