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Blue Springs & Raytown MO

DentaMedia Social Factor Score: 0 | City: Blue Springs State: MO Zip: 64013, 64014, 64015 | Population: 70,000




Area Survey- Blue Springs & Raytown MO


Today we return to the Kansas City suburbs, looking at trends in advanced dental marketing from data gleaned from our Denta+media®Social Factors research. West of the Mississippi, over the last forty years, many of the inner cities- what used to be central metropolitan areas, have been hollowed out by urban flight. This is certainly the case with Kansas City, where the metropolitan center is now greatly outnumbered by its satellite 'suburbs,' and individual suburbs such as Independence and Overland Park actually exceed the 'center' in population. This flux in the dynamic of what is an established pattern of suburban/urban commuting, and how that effects the time available for patients to schedule dental appointments could have an effect on the development of advanced dental marketing practices.


Yesterday, our area survey covered Lee's Summit, a seemingly distinct suburb of Kansas City with a gross median income identical to that of Cedar Park TX, but in no way comparable in Denta+media® Social Factors scores. The combined Blue Springs/ Raytown MO. areas have a population of 70,000 people, also comparable to Lee's Summit, but we find far fewer dental offices and a diminished average Social Factors rating.


In Blue Springs & Raytown we find one of the highest density of national and regional dental chains: Comfort Dental, My Dentist and Heartland Dental have each made multiple investments in both towns.


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The immediate impact of such a high investment of chain dental is to suppress dental marketing investments by sole proprietors. As we commented in our review of Lee's Summit, competition with dental chains puts more pressure on offices to develop their own marketing approach, as their relative position in the local media is compromised by the assets the chains can bring to bear.


A regional orthodontic chain present in the Kansas City area, Fry Orthodontics, has a good antidote to the national chain dental invasion: a high level of community event involvement.




At Denta+media®, it is our view that blog content and Facebook page and Twitter feed engagement should be centered around the profile of the dental office's local event participation, which is the Achilles heel of the national dental chain, as there is gap in ownership commitment. Fry Orthodontics scores well over +30 on our Denta+media®Social Factors scale. In addition to their high degree of community participation, with dedicated marketing and community outreach personnel, they are able to manage social media professionally-with a high number of Facebook and Twitter followers. The combination of in-bound and out-bound marketing excellence enables Fry Orthodontics to compete in this Kansas City suburban area- a metropolitan area of 2 million people in transition.


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