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Carrollton TX

DentaMedia Social Factor Score: 20 | City: Carrollton State: TX Zip: 75006, 75007, 75010 , 75011 | Population: 128,000



Carrollton, TX



This week Denta+media®  continues to work around the Dallas metro area- affluent cities that lead the nation in the local marketing techniques practiced by dental offices. Carrollton shares some characteristics with neighboring towns such as Richardson and Frisco, although it presently has a lower density of offices, at 0.70, with 89 dental offices for a population of 128,000. With the fast growing nature of this city, we can expect to see a lot of new dental office development, particularly in orthodontics and pediatric dentistry, which are underserved in Carrollton. The new offices which we did notice in Carrollton are making good investments in logos, branding, social media and are taking their first steps into the community. The town of Carrollton already has an annual health expo where dental offices can meet prospective customers, members of the community.


We found four offices which are more established in the community, which are all scoring higher than 20, which indicates a top 2% performance in Denta+media Social Factors marketing techniques: Josey Lane Dentistry, Beverly Dental Center, Rosemeade Dental, and our leading office, Hebron Smiles, which scored a 28, well within the nationwide top 1% of all dental offices. 



822_hebron_logo.JPG +28



Hebron Smiles does a great job in branding, scoring 5 out of 6 points. The office logo is interesting and distinctive, providing a great billboard no matter what medium- Facebook, the office signage, decoration within the office and on promotional products such as patient hygiene samples. It is important that office branding remain consistent across all media, and a sharp, compact logo is the first step. Hebron Smiles has dedicated office management with good experience in social media- Google+ is the highlight with great patient engagement in reviews, and the frequent postings. Facebook outranks Yelp as the next best place to find patient reviews, which were outstanding in general. The office also participates in a variety of community events, and we could expect and increasing commitment to local and international charities as well as educational events. At Denta+media®, we have tracked dental offices which engage in community events on a weekly basis.


Tomorrow Denta+media® will examine Garland TX as we continue in the prosperous suburbs of Dallas, one of the leading areas in the USA for advanced dental marketing techniques.


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