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Chapel Hill, NC Area Survey

DentaMedia Social Factor Score: 18 | City: Chapel Hill State: North Carolina Zip: 27514, 27517, 27707 | Population: 57,088

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Area Survey – Chapel Hill, NC




Chapel Hill, best known as the home of the University of North Carolina Tar Heels, is one of the fastest growing towns in the United States, with population growth of 30% over the last 20 years. Now, with a population of 60,000, Chapel Hill has an average dental office density of 1.70 dental offices, with a number connected to the University dental school. The area demonstrates a mix of dental offices on the road to advanced dental marketing- and many with a lot of room for improvement.




Clifton & Mauney Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics is the area leader, scoring +22 on Denta+media®'s Social Factors scale. With a dedicated marketing coordinator, Clifton & Mauney is staffed for success- in addition to a full administrative staff, a prerequisite for creating a great customer service environment, which is illustrated by the excellent reviews the office has received on Facebook and Google +. Clifton & Mauney has an interesting logo which is used well on social media banners such as Facebook and Twitter, and in banners and promotional products which it deploys in local events and as patient samples. Clifton and Mauney has also participated in many local charities, a great way to enhance your brand and meet the community.




Chapel Hill Family & Cosmetic Dentistry is another area stand out, scoring +20 on our denta+media Social Factors rating scale- with a top rated logo, good use of a variety of social media, and participation in local events and charities. 

There are other offices of note with interesting logos in Chapel Hill, including Hershey & Heymann Orthodontics & Severt Smiles. Chapel Hill is well on its way to being a great example of the development of advanced dental marketing techniques.


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