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July 28


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Columbus OH

DentaMedia Social Factor Score: 0 | City: Columbus State: OH Zip: 430, 43002, 43004, 43016, 43017, 43026, 43035, 43054 | Population: 822,553




Area Survey Columbus OH


Columbus Ohio provides a nice parallel with Austin TX- which is one of the leading areas in the country in the implementation of advanced dental marketing practices. Both cities are primarily recognized by the presence of large state universities, which concentrate technological investment, represent a stable and growing basis for personal income, and theoretically attract re-locating corporations, or business incubators.

However, when we compare the degree of dental marketing investment in the Columbus Ohio area, we find a stark contrast with the scene in Austin, and in the major metropolitan areas of Texas. At first glance we might be able to attribute this to two factors-1) the absence of distinct suburban cities in the Columbus area, and 2) the blending of townships, which operate more as neighborhoods rather than suburban entities with their own local characteristics. While we can see a steady 2-3% annual population growth in Columbus, in the vintage of the suburbs and the lack of growth sufficient to prompt new suburban investment, the pressure on new dental office investment, in contrast to a more conservative pattern (practice sales to younger dentist, joint operation, and then a gradual branding change once the younger partner has taken operational control,) means a slower trend to advanced dental marketing.

The ease of access to local events which would appeal to a locally targeted consumer population is also hindered by the blending of neighborhoods- the crossover from Columbus proper to the townships which we survey in Denta+media®. Locally based health events and expos require an organizing principle and venue- in our area surveys we have found that cities of 60,000+ often self-organize around these principles; in the Columbus area we do not find a single township which exceeds 40,000 in population. When growth is spread across a relatively homogenized suburban scene, the critical competitive mass required to break through to widespread advanced dental market is more of a challenge. This week we will look at the different aspects of the current marketing terrain in Columbus. In a blended city/suburban area, the marketing resources of the dental office go up against the much louder noise of the city- in this environment we would expect the encroachment of chain dental, or the pervasiveness of unbranded 'office complex' based dental offices- and we find a degree of this in the Columbus area. 

Stay tuned for a more in depth look at Columbus Ohio this week- at the leading suburban townships, the city itself, and profiles of the bright lights of advanced dental marketing.



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