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July 27


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Columbus OH Suburbs

DentaMedia Social Factor Score: 0 | City: Dublin State: OH Zip: 43016, 43017 | Population: 62836


Columbus OH Suburbs



Today we will look at some of the suburbs of Columbus Ohio - the most promising look areas surveyed by Denta+media are in the northern area, just outside the beltway, in Dublin, Powell and Westerville. Dublin is the leading Denta+media city in the Columbus Ohio area, with 55 dental offices for a population of 37,000, a healthy ratio of 1.49- any ratio exceeding 1.0 indicates a strong development of dental offices in a city, and therefore an active competitive scene. 


Dublin Ohio also has a high median household income of $133,000, which compares very favorably to some of our leading Denta+media areas, far exceeding leading areas such as Cedar Park TX, Woodlands TX, and even Newport Beach, CA. With this level of disposable income, we can expect to see a larger number of high ranking dental offices, innovative application of advanced dental marketing techniques, and some of the leading offices in the nation. The conditions are right for one of the highest potential dental practice marketing we could expect in the U.S.A. However, only 6 out of the 55 offices score higher than 15 on our scale (out of a total of 50 possible points,) and for once, orthodontic and pediatric dental offices lag general dentistry. So there is a lot of potential for dental marketing consultant companies- usually orthodontic and pediatric dental offices are the local leaders in marketing.


Dublin Metro Dental is the highest scoring office in the area, according to our Denta+media Social Factors scale, with 31 points, placing them in the top 1% of dental office marketing in the United States.





Their score was gained with one of the best social media practices we have seen in any U.S. dental offices, where they scored 20 out of a possible 29 points. Dublin Metro Dental would have scored even higher had we seen more evidence of local event participation. Columbus Ohio is a blended metropolitan area without clear delineation between city and surrounding towns, which could explain why there is not much local health expo activity. This leaves the dental offices with the option of organizing self-promotions or events at the office which are not as effective.


One other side effect of metropolitan media noise is the prevalence of chain dental, of which there are a number of examples in the Columbus area- Dentalworks, Comfort Dental, Gentle Dental and Aspen Dental among them. This week we will continue to examine some of the other Columbus surrounding suburbs to see how they are coping with the pressure of being in a competitive media area, going up against the marketing budgets of chain dental.


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