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Cypress, TX

DentaMedia Social Factor Score: 0 | City: Cypress State: TX Zip: 77410, 77429, 77433 | Population: 122,803




Cypress, TX



Cypress TX is a Denta+media hot zone with many new dental offices practicing advanced dental marketing techniques. With a median income of $96,000 and population growth of 300% since the year 2000, Cypress TX has one of the greatest potentials of any distinct city in the United States for the development of advanced dental marketing practices, and for the installation of new dental practices, with 60 dental offices identified so far in our research, for an area population of 122,000 suggesting a potential of 60 new offices needed across the spectrum of dental specialties. A broad range of locally based health events are available for office organized event participation.


We identified two top 100 offices in the USA in Cypress TX, according to our Denta+media social factors marketing scale- Wonderland Pediatric Dental and Village Park Family Dental. At Denta+media, we have reviewed 77,000 dental offices in the United States, with about 100 scoring over 30 points, two of which we find in Cypress.


Village Park Family Dental are experts in dental office social media techniques, scoring high across a wide range of social media marketing outlets, with a distinctive brand logo displayed across a variety of social media venues. While most socially active offices first manage the Facebook page well, this office is unusual in that they have mastered and continued to curate content on YouTube. The blog is posted regularly with what appears to be generic content- at Denta+media we recommend that dental offices blog about subjects closer to home, with community event participation stories the preferred focus of office in bound marketing. Finally, Village Park Dental has participated in a number of local, self-organized social events. At Denta+media, we have categorized 8 types of events and charities that an office could participate in. Finally, our wining office, Village Park Dental, with 34 points, racks up full points on its reviews- with 9 points for perfect Yelp, Facebook and Google reviews. 







Wonderland Pediatric Dental also scores over 30 points on our Denta+media Social Factors scale, with a nation leading 12 points for local event participation, out of a possible 16. This pediatric dental office brands well on the office itself, and in the community. Interestingly, the office in bound marketing focuses primarily on Facebook marketing, and has garnered great reviews through Facebook and Google. Wonderland Pediatric Dentistry demonstrates that local event participation is critical to building a successful dental practice in a Denta+media hot zone such as Cypress Texas.








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