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Renton, WA

DentaMedia Social Factor Score: 19 | City: Renton State: WA Zip: 98055, 98056, 98057, 98058, 98059 | Population: 90,927



Area Survey- Renton WA.

Renton WA, with a population growth of 100% in the last 15 years, is one of the fastest growing towns in the United States, and a focus area for advanced dental marketing practices. The popularity of the Boeing 737, which is assembled in Renton, is largely responsible for the spike in population growth, although the city is home to other notable corporations such as Geico. As a fast growing, outlying, self-contained city within a large metropolitan area, Renton is a good test case of a captive market in a high income area.

In Renton, we see a lot of new orthodontic and pediatric dental offices- signs of new household creation. One surprise is that the majority of the orthodontic offices do not yet exhibit the signs of advanced dental marketing- of the seven dedicated orthodontic offices in Renton, only one scores higher than 10 on our Denta+media Social Factors rating scale. So Renton represents a great opportunity for firms specializing in dental marketing services, as we can expect to see investments by pediatric, orthodontic as well as general dentistry offices. Another good piece of news- Renton has not been targeted by national chain level, as a rule.

SDK Dental is the highest ranking office in Renton with a 19 on the Denta+media Social Factors scale, primarily earned through great reviews on Google + and Yelp, as well as a high number of likes on Facebook. They could benefit by some community event participation.






The other high ranking office in Renton is A Kids Place, which also scores a 19 with a similar emphasis on social media, and who could also benefit from participation in the many local health care related events in Renton- with the sporty nature of the area there are opportunities for event participation every weekend.




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