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Encinitas CA

DentaMedia Social Factor Score: 20 | City: Encintas State: CA Zip: Encintas|CA|92023 | Population: 61,588



Area Survey Encinitas CA


Encinitas is a community adjacent to San Diego California, and is one of the fastest growing cities in the United States. Encinitas has some of the same characteristics as Redondo Beach, and also has a similar ration of 1:1 of dental offices per 1000 in habitants. Dental market growth and competition are difficult in mature, geographically bound areas, such as sea side cities hemmed in by other municipalities or geography. The San Diego area has health fairs, health expos and farmer's markets every weekend- great venues for local businesses to meet the community.

Nevertheless, we found three offices that score +20 on our Denta+media® Social Factors scale, in Encinitas, which indicates a high degree of advanced dental marketing. Warner Pediatric Dental scored highest, with +25. Warner Pediatric Dental scores in each of our four Denta+media®Social Factors Categories- social media marketing, office branding, personnel dedication and local event participation/charities. Warner Pediatric Dental primarily uses Yelp and Facebook for patient reviews, with the most recent reviews seen on Yelp. Office Facebook interaction has tailed off over the last few months- in bound marketing through Facebook requires daily updates. The leading office activity is a steady diet of contests. The office has an interesting and memorable logo.



Encinitas Orthodontics also scores +20 with a very distinctive logo- a South Seas Island/ surfboard theme capturing the essence of the local atmosphere, which is also displayed on a beach themed old VW bus, a great local branding idea. Logos which speak visually to a local theme bring the customer to your brand without words. Those two features alone earn the office high marks for originality and effective local marketing. The office also performs very well across of a range of in-bound media- a great web site, well subscribed Yelp page, and the beginnings of Facebook reviews.



Kieffer Orthodontics is the other high scoring office in Encinitas, scoring +24 on our Denta+media®Social Factors scale. They scored points in all 4 of our categories- doing a great job on Facebook, earning reviews on Facebook, Google+ and Yelp, as well as participating in a variety of local health care events. 



We will keep a close eye on Encinitas, part of the greater San Diego area, where a lot of innovation in advanced dental marketing.

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