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Franklin, TN

DentaMedia Social Factor Score: 14 | City: Franklin State: TN Zip: 37064, 37067, 37069 | Population: 68886

Franklin, TN Area Survey



Franklin TN, an outlying suburb of Nashville, is one of the fastest growing towns in the United States, with population growth of 500% since 1980, including 13% growth in the last 5 years. The town is a mix of residential and business, signaling the opportunity for dental office marketing, as the working population is not completely in transit to Nashville. With 62 dental offices logged, the town is nearing a 1:1 ratio- will it go in the direction of Brookline MA- a suburb with a 2:1 office/ population ratio? 


Following a national trend, the highest ranking offices in Franklin TN are pediatric and orthodontic specialty dental offices. Snodgrass & King Pediatric Dental Group (+24) ranks highest on our Denta+media® Social Factors scale, showing adequate office staffing and good use of social media, and they have also organized contests and participate frequently in local charities. Buzz Alexander Pediatric Dental demonstrates excellent use of branding in the office, on signage, and with a distinctively wrapped car that displays the very colorful office logo around town, or when the office participates in local events.


Competition among the area's orthodontic offices looks pretty tough, as the numerous orthodontists start down the road of investing in advanced dental marketing practices. We see some great new logos demonstrated by Schroeder Orthodontics, Lucas Orthodontics and Kemp Orthodontics, while Fowler Orthodontics (+19) recorded the highest Denta+media®Social Factors score among the Franklin TN orthodontic offices. There could be a great opportunity for a general/family dental office to make a local impact using advanced dental marketing techniques as the market looks wide open.


The Franklin TN area, including city and county government event tracking, has a wide variety of local health related and social events for dental offices to participate in and increase the impact of their local branding.


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