Hendersonville- Goodlettsville-Madison TN -Area Survey. Promote your dental practice locally

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Hendersonville- Goodlettsville-Madison TN -Area Survey

DentaMedia Social Factor Score: 15 | City: Nashville State: TN Zip: 37075, 37077 | Population: 108,000



This suburban area northeast of Nashville has a high ratio of dental offices to population- 129 offices for a combined population of 108,000. The strong marketing trend in dentistry prevalent in other Nashville suburbs such as Brentwood, Franklin and Mufreesboro has not caught on yet. There appears to be few newer offices and chain dental presence is limited, factors which often drive sole proprietors to increase their marketing investment. However, with the office/population ratio of 1.194, we can expect the offices in this area to increase their marketing investment going forward.



The leading offices in this area scored no more than +15 out of a total of 50 points on our scale, with the vast majority below +10. The bright spots are Smile Construction Orthodontics, Dream Dental and James Bush Dentistry- Bush Dentistry stood out with an advertisement on the events page of the Hendersonville city web site. On a positive note the town of Hendersonville maintains a very active events calendar with a Relay for Life benefit planned for Saturday April 9. The only sub-medical service provider participating is an optometrist. Health related benefits are great venues for dental offices to set up a booth and publicize themselves.

Dream Dental had the best logo in the area, which was displayed well on its Facebook page. The Facebook page is a great place to publicize an office's events and activities. The Events category on Facebook is open to subscribers and posting there will also publicize your event on the area events page. James Bush Dentistry advertises on the Hendersonville town site, but could also use their Facebook page to publicize the same events, reaching a wide audience.

In conclusion, in this area, all the ingredients are present to create a competitive marketing landscape for dentistry in this area- considering the competiveness of the Nashville area.