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Katy, TX -Area Survey

DentaMedia Social Factor Score: 0 | Zip: 77449, 77450, 77491, 77492, 77493 | Population: 122,000





Bright Orthodontics from Katy TX dominates the local landscape thanks to outstanding inbound and outbound marketing strategies and constant engagement with their audience.

Katy TX is an agglomeration of a number of unincorporated towns, totaling 122,000 people, and is a great area to study the development of advanced dental marketing techniques. Many new offices have opened up here, there is a strong presence of chain dental, and many old offices are in the process of rebranding. The competitive nature of the Houston suburbs is present in Katy- we see activity in all 4 areas of dental marketing that we track at Denta+media®. The only thing missing in this hodge-podge of townships and unincorporated areas is a central authority to organize health care events- so the pressure comes on the individual office to organize their own events, and make their way into the community.


Today we focus on one outstanding office-Bright Orthodontics- the first dental office we've seen in the United States with 3 dedicated marketing professionals- each focused on a different aspect of marketing. While many dental offices in the U.S.A. show no evidence whatsoever that they invest in marketing- when the potential to invest is broad, and marketing resources have never been as easily accessed as today- Bright Orthodontics has recognized that the different areas of marketing outreach- both inbound and outbound, need to be addressed. At Denta+media®, we have identified 8 different categories of potential community involvement for example, and some of our most advanced offices actually organize weekly events in their communities. Those offices generate revenue in excess of $1 Million per year per working dentist- and dominate the local competition. Bright Orthodontics of Katy TX has recognized that the skills necessary to handle inbound functions such as social media management web site optimization are different than those that create a successful community outreach program.


Bright Orthodontics is one of Denta+media®'s TOP 10 in the USA, one of the few offices that we have surveyed that excels in every area of advanced dental marketing. In social media marketing for example, dental offices typically open up accounts in the various outlets, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, You Tube, for example, but do not follow through on the execution. Engaging an audience on Twitter is one of the most difficult tasks for the dental office marketing person- as the public does not relate to dental professional discussions- at Denta+Media® we recommend that you develop the theme of community development and charity involvement to engage your potential customers- and to create venues to meet the community on a regular basis. So while the structure of in-bound marketing is necessarily focused on social media, the themes of engagement should be focused on your audience- which is the community. Your social media feed should tell your story as a health care provider in the community- an easily relatable topic that any visitor to your social media can understand. Bright Orthodontics devotes much of their blog space to the story of their community, activities and events, as well as to specific stories of engagement with their patients.


There are many other offices of interest in Katy TX that we will return to in subsequent articles focused on this outstanding suburb of Houston- the USA's leading area for advanced dental marketing.


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