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Meridian, ID

DentaMedia Social Factor Score: 12 | City: Meridian State: ID Zip: 83642, 83646, 83680 | Population: 75,210


Area Survey- Meridian, ID


Meridian Idaho, a western suburb of Boise, is the 10th fastest growing city in America since 2010, with a net population growth of 10,000 over this period. Meridian ID, with a population of 75,000 is in the Denta+media® zone of concentration – where we would look to find new investments by dental offices in advanced marketing techniques, as measured by our Denta+media® Social Factors marketing scale. The city has a vibrant business life well supported by the city government and Chamber of Commerce, with a wide variety of events and activities in which dental offices could participate or sponsor.


While there are many offices in Meridian catching on to the most effective advanced dental office marketing techniques, Scott Grant DMD, Idaho Family Dentist, leads Denta+media®'s Social Factors marketing scale. Most importantly, Scott Grant DMD is staffed for success, with an office manager (Kari) and marketing manager (Katelyn,) fully dedicated to ensuring success in the business related aspects of the office. 





Inbound marketing through social media and SEO with a well maintained blog, high activity on Facebook, great reviews on Google + and a few on Yelp. The Twitter page could be developed better, and Linked-in resourced more fully.

The office brands itself well with a unique, memorable logo which appears on Facebook and is present on the interior of the office- a very prominent, colorful branding technique. The office participates in a variety of local health care events- a most important factor in developing a local branding image.

It is worth noting that Meridian is underserved in dentistry, due to the fast growing nature of the city, and its proximity to more established dental office areas of Boise. We can expect to see more growth and migration of dental offices to Meridian, and we look forward to reporting on this interesting city in the months to come.


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