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Mount Pleasant, SC

DentaMedia Social Factor Score: 32 | City: Mt. Pleasant State: SC Zip: 29464, 29465, 29466 | Population: 76,000



Mount Pleasant, SC


Mt. Pleasant is one of the fastest growing areas we have surveyed at Denta+media, since the ravages of Hurricane Hugo in 1989, the population of Mt. Pleasant has grown by 300%. With a median household income rising in concord with the town's population, and now standing at $77,000 for its 76,000 inhabitants, well above national and state levels, Mt. Pleasant is ground zero for the development of new dental offices, and for the practice of advanced dental marketing. Discrete cities of 50-100,000 inhabitants with growing populations and household incomes provide the micro-environment where techniques of advanced dental marketing can best be exploited.


Denta+media found 61 offices in Mt. Pleasant, suggesting that there is room for growth, considering the ratio to population and mean household income, the area could support over 100 dental offices. The proportion of non-marketing dental offices is low, an indication that the competitive environment is already driving behavior. The high number of orthodontic offices in Mt. Pleasant is indicative of the upwardly mobile, family oriented atmosphere of the town: we found 9 orthodontic offices, with our area Denta+media Social Factors office, a 2 location business, Kelley Orthodontics scoring 32, and area runner up Garrett Smiles, earned 23 points. The next two highest scoring offices were pediatric dental offices; Smiles by Randy & Kids Teeth.



Looking more closely at Kelley Orthodontics, we find as we usually do, that a leading marketing plan for a dental office needs personnel, and most importantly, a dedicated marketing coordinator.






(We were pleased to find many marketing coordinators in Mt. Pleasant and in the fast growing areas of South Carolina as well.) Kelley Orthodontics utilizes a variety of inbound and outbound marketing techniques, including good use of Facebook as a patient engagement tool, You Tube also features, and the office maintains a Twitter page. On the outbound front, Kelley Orthodontics has a dedicated charity they participate in, and they also sponsor and participate in a variety of local health events, such as the Mud Run. 



 As Mt. Pleasant develops more venues for office participation, we expect the competing orthodontic and pediatric dental offices to increase their level of engagement. For a marketing services company looking for potential customers, Mt. Pleasant's new and growing dental office scene is a great opportunity.


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