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Mountain View CA

DentaMedia Social Factor Score: 27 | City: Mountain View State: CA Zip: 94035, 94039, 94040, 94041, 94042, 94043 | Population: 76,260




Mountain View, CA



Mountain View is a prosperous Silicon Valley city in the South San Francisco Bay, geographically bound and thus slow growing relative to its high median household income. Increasingly, Google employees, (the largest employer in Mountain View,) commute from San Francisco; Mountain View has experienced 2% population growth since the 2000 census. Nevertheless, we find 101 dental offices competing in this city of 75,000, and as with other South Bay cities, techniques of advanced dental marketing are just beginning to be seen.


Another challenge is the lack of centrally organized health events, as we often do find in similar sized towns- 75,000 inhabitants is the optimum population for a vibrant dental marketing competition. We did find a few health expo/ race events where a dental office could potentially meet the community. For now, the outbound marketing interested office will probably have to self-promote, inviting members of the community to social events, or better, organizing their own 5K for example.


The trend we saw in Cupertino and Palo Alto is also expressed in Mountain View- most of the offices are not engaged in any form of marketing, web sites are old and use of social media, ironically, sparse, considering that Mountain View is the home of Linkedin, for example, not to mention Google. However, with the other South Bay cities, Mountain View represents a great opportunity for dental marketing consulting firms to make their mark.


The leading office we found in Mountain View, according to our Denta+media Social Factors scale, is Growing Smiles Pediatric Dental Center, scoring 27 points through a healthy combination of inbound and outbound marketing. 








The primary inbound tool is the office Facebook page, which is centered on patient concerns, community and office activities instead of professional interests. The Facebook reviews are well solicited, and the office Yelp page is frequently used- the office earns excellent reviews wherever they are posted. Growing Smiles is also staffed for success, which dedicated office management personnel obviously adept at social media management. Finally, and most importantly, Growing Smiles engages its consumer base with a variety of community events, charity participations and patient contests. Growing Smiles is proof that a targeted inbound and outbound strategy, concentrating on one thing and doing it well, pays dividends. It is better to master one social media strategy then to spread yourself out over eight….unless you have a big marketing staff.


Other notable Mountain View offices are Peninsula Dental Excellence and Mountain View Family Dentistry…we hope to catch up to them the next time our Area Survey returns to Mountain View.


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