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North Charleston, SC

DentaMedia Social Factor Score: 0 | City: North Charleston State: SC Zip: 29405, 29415, 29418, 29419, 29420 | Population: 97,471



North Charleston, SC


Today we are looking at North Charleston, contiguous with the city of Charleston, and more representative of a transition between old and new. In our other surveys of smaller cities within urban areas, we have noticed the branding challenges dental offices face, in addition to issues with discovering venues for local events. When offices are located within urban areas, the balance between inbound and outbound marketing tilts toward inbound marketing, as opportunities to create physical branding at the location, and to engage in community events is more limited. Traditional outbound techniques such as newspaper advertising or local TV advertising are lost in the noise of a large metropolitan area.


In North Charleston we see the effects of this situation, with a low ratio of dental offices/population (0.70) and few dental offices engaging in techniques of advanced dental marketing. The big difference in Mean Household Income vs. Mt. Pleasant is also an indicator that this area is on the fringes of dental marketing- but there are good things to come. A branch of high scoring area orthodontic chain Cox Orthodontics has been set up in North Charleston- this local orthodontic chain is doing it right with dedicated marketing personnel, high scoring social media and local branding, which we can see in a variety of community events, both in signage and promotional samples. This office, exemplary in a variety of dental marketing practices, scores in the top 1% of Denta+media dental offices in the USA.





Other top scoring offices in North Charleston include Trident Dentistry and North Charleston Smiles, which had the most interesting logo. We look forward to researching more offices in this fast growing area in the months to come.








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