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Orange, CA Area Survey

DentaMedia Social Factor Score: 0 | City: Orange State: CA Zip: 92861, 92862, 92865, 92866, 92867, 92868, 92869 | Population: 136,416




Orange, CA Area Survey

Orange California is a city in the very crowded suburban landscape of Orange County Ca. In communities like this, branding is a challenge for dental offices, as they compete with neighboring areas and have to deal with the general media noise. However, southern California has a very developed health events schedule which proceeds throughout the year, due to the great weather, and offers dental offices many opportunities to set up booths and brand themselves in the local community.

Another challenge in this sort of setting, as we have seen in Brookline, Ma. or Cupertino California, is the proliferation of existing office buildings with affordable space for sole practitioners- small offices with small hygiene teams. Branding is a big challenge in this atmosphere, and calls for special attention to all available in-bound and outbound marketing techniques, so that new offices may distinguish themselves in the community. Many of the 148 dental offices in Orange Ca. are in this predicament, but they also represent a great opportunity for agencies that specialize in advanced dental marketing.

The leading offices in Orange California scored 15 points on our Denta+Media® Social Factors scale- with a few interesting logos, such as that designed by Humphries Orthodontics- with so many offices it is unusual that advanced dental marketing practices are followed to such a small extent.



One notable exception is Artistic Smiles Dental, which scored an area leading +22 points, mainly due to its excellent practice of social media marketing. The office branding is crisp, and notably makes good use of You Tube as a marketing vehicle, which is rare. There was a lot of interest in You Tube in dentistry five years ago, but most offices did not stick with it. The office also participates frequently in local health care events.




In summary, Orange Ca. shows a lot of potential for growth in advanced dental marketing techniques. We look forward to seeing how the area progresses in the months to come.


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