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Redmond, WA

DentaMedia Social Factor Score: 0 | City: Redmond State: WA Zip: Redmond|WA|98052 | Population: 54,144


Bike Bash on Downtown Central Connector




Redmond, WA 

Redmond Washington is a fast growing town of 55,000 in the affluent Seattle metropolitan area, with population growth of 50% over the last 25 years. Redmond is a health conscious town, with many cycling enthusiasts, and 1000 acres of land set aside for parks and recreation. A steady calendar of races and health expos in the area are a great opportunity for dental offices to connect with the community. The median household income is $96,000, double the national average, driven no doubt by the proximity Redmond headquarters of Microsoft. 

Redmond's dental market is flourishing, with one of the highest ratios of dental offices to population- with 84 dental offices we are at a 1.5 ratio- a concentration which could mean that Microsoft employees need convenient access to dentistry close to the office, and is also probably due to the high median income. The ratio of orthodontic offices to total offices is 12 %, which is within the national range- it is interesting that the orthodontic offices seem to be slow adapters of advanced dental marketing practices; we would expect to see some offices in the 'best practices' area over +20; so this means that with 9 offices ranging from +5 and+15. We make a similar observation about the 5 pediatric dental offices in Redmond, the highest of which scores a +12 on our Denta+media®.

Uptown Dental, owned by renowned dental marketing consultant Dr. Rhonda Savage is a top scoring Denta+media®, Social Factors office in Redmond, scoring +20.





The office is staffed for success with a dedicated office manager/ marketing manager. Uptown Dental scores well over a variety of social media (inbound marketing) outlets including Facebook, and would have scored much higher if we could see some evidence of event participation and a continuing dedication to the blog.

The other notable office in Redmond is Redmond Signature Dentistry, which scores a +24 on our Denta+media®, Social Factors scale- mainly through a high volume excellent reviews on Google + and Yelp, and consistent performance on the office blog.





This office is staffed for advanced dental marketing success, with a dedicated office manager, and would be one of our best offices on a national scale if we could see some evidence of office event participation.

In summary, Redmond WA looks like an excellent opportunity for consulting firms selling advanced dental marketing services, with a crowded, competitive landscape and much potential in implementing dental office marketing practices.

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