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Reston VA

DentaMedia Social Factor Score: 14 | City: Reston State: VA Zip: Reston|VA|20191 | Population: 58,404



Area Survey- Reston VA


Reston, Virginia, is a planned city in northern Virginia in the affluent suburbs of Washington D.C. ... steadily if not fast growing. It is hemmed in all sides so it doesn't have much room to grow. Outside of the beltway, it is one of the largest of the satellite bedroom community suburbs of Washington, although in its planning business activities were considered, with office and manufacturing spaces zoned. The DC area has seen some recent innovation in the practices of advanced dental marketing, and Reston VA., while not leading the area, has some dental offices that are engaged in some interesting advanced dental marketing practices. Reston is a very well organized town with event management at the town level, a feature that all of the 64 offices could be taking advantage of. We found representative examples of health care events in every weekend of the spring 2016.

Ridge Top Dental was the highest scoring office on our Denta+Media® Social Factors marketing scale, scoring points in every category, (social media, personnel, branding and event participation) with the exception of event participation. Ridge Top Dental has invested in great office branding, which is evident on the Facebook page, the office web site, and on their well-developed LinkedIn Page. They could also benefit from a more active event schedule in the immediate area, as Reston, as a distinct community in a congested area, will likely draw on patients from the immediate area.



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