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July 27


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Richardson TX

DentaMedia Social Factor Score: 0 | City: Richardson State: TX Zip: 75080, 75081, 75082, 75083, 75085 | Population: 99,223



Richardson TX



We return to the Dallas suburbs again- having already looked at outer suburb Frisco, this week we will focus on the inner suburbs of Carrolton, Garland and Richardson, all of which are growing at a healthy rate, and all which have a median income greater than the national average. Today's focus is on Richardson, which is routinely among the top 20 places to live in the United States. Richardson, like other Dallas suburbs, has a well-developed town government, and operates as an integrated community, providing the best landscape for the practice of advanced dental marketing as measured by our Denta+media® Social Factors marketing rating. Most promisingly, the Richardson area has many health expo opportunities on the calendar every month- a community that is used to patronizing its local health related businesses in a public forum.


The first thing we noticed was the spread of marketing techniques, with 122 offices for a population of just over 100,000, there is a competitive +1.21 ratio, indicating a high level of potential marketing competition. Most of the offices in Richardson are practicing marketing, with the vast majority having web sites. One of the first signs of a local competitive scene is the investment in professional quality logos, and in Richardson, we find 30 of the town's offices sporting some of the most interesting logos that we have seen anywhere in the U.S.A., including Modern Dental, Emanuel Dental, Breckinridge Dental & Orthodontics, Azul Dental, I Tooth Dentistry, Lewis & Thieberg and Synergy Dental to highlight some of the best.


We found four offices scoring over 20 points on our Denta+media Social Factors scale of advanced dental marketing techniques. Winning Smiles- Douglas Crosby Orthodontics scored highest with 30 points, putting them in Denta+media's nationwide top 100 dental offices. Winning Smiles scored very high in local event participation; at Denta+media we follow eight possible event and charity activities, and Winning Smiles participates frequently in five of them, including local charities, contests, social events, school events and donations. The office is primarily reviewed through Facebook, where it also has a 1492 likes at last count. Facebook is fast becoming the most popular place for patient reviews.






Emanuel Dental is also one of our top offices with 25 points, and one of the rare U.S. offices that scores six out of six in branding, with a great logo displayed across many media, including social media, office sign, wrapped car and patient hygiene samples.






There is so much to write about in Richardson- an area fast become a Texas Denta+Media hot spot on the level of The Woodlands or Cedar Park…I am sure we will return to Richardson very soon.