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Roswell, GA Area Survey

DentaMedia Social Factor Score: 0 | Zip: 30004, 30009, 30022, 30075, 30076, 30350 | Population: 89,294




Roswell, GA is a mature, affluent suburb north of Atlanta, on the beltway, what we at Denta+media® call the sweet spot for advanced dental marketing techniques. Hemmed in on the south by Marietta and the north by Alpharetta, geography would indicate issues with new office expansion. This would mean a static local competition, encroachment by dental chains- general value extraction. However, with continual, gradual population growth we could expect to see some signs of advanced dental marketing.


The ratio of offices to population is above average without being notable. Of the 83 offices in Roswell, we find one of the highest ranking offices of the 40,000 researched to date by Denta+media® Social Factors rating team. Atlanta Dental Spa is a two office business, which racked up most of its points with a flawless social media marketing effort where the office is invested, namely in Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google+, where they earned some of the highest scores we have seen in the United States.





Office branding by Atlanta Dental Spa is unique and transportable through all virtual and actual media, including the office signage and decoration. The interior of the office is very creatively designed and communicates the premium quality of the office's services. Finally, the office is staffed for success with a strong office management team and a dedicated marketing individual.

Other area office of note include Wonderland Pediatric Dental and Buckley Dental Care, both of whom have interesting logos and score well in social media and event participation.


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