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The Woodlands Texas

DentaMedia Social Factor Score: 18 | City: Houston State: TX Zip: 77354, 77380, 77381, 77382, 77384, 77385, 77389 | Population: 107769


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The Woodlands TX is a fast growing planned community, which has added 50,000 new residents since 2000. It sits north of the beltway region of Houston, Texas, and with a population of 107,000+ is a significant micro market, particularly for sub-medical businesses such as dental offices.



With a total of 81 dental offices, eleven of which score over +20 on our Denta+media® social factors scale, The Woodlands is out in front of the national marketing trend for sub-medical businesses. Competition for customers in the growing outer suburbs is fierce, with most offices located in branding friendly stand-alone buildings, so they can utilize signage.

Three of Denta+media®'s top rated offices nationwide reside in The Woodlands- Hunter Family Orthodontics, Woodlands Family Dental and Showtime Orthodontics. Successful social factors marketing means office owners, managers and marketing personnel engage with the local community in a variety self-organized or community organized events. Hunter Orthodontics exemplifies this trend with a full, business oriented staff: office manager, front office and marketing coordinator, as does Woodlands Family Dental. Showtime Orthodontics has one of the most innovative and consistently broadcast branding messages that we have seen in our Denta+media®survey, which to date has reviewed 20,000 dental offices across the United States.

The Woodlands also exemplifies the variety of marketing efforts in its total office landscape; inevitably some of the more established practitioners exhibit no signs of marketing at all…but with the relative youth of this community there is a strong upward tendency to engage with all available social and community based marketing practices. The community itself has well organized events, whether sponsored by the town, the Chamber of Commerce or local corporations.

In short, The Woodlands, TX is a model marketing micro-environment, with leading practitioners- we could all learn a lot by observing the dental marketers of The Woodlands.



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