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Woodstock, GA

DentaMedia Social Factor Score: 4 | City: Woodstock State: GA Zip: 30188, 30189 | Population: 31000

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Woodstock, GA


Woodstock GA, an outer suburb of Atlanta, is the tenth fastest growing suburb in the United States- with a 16% increase in population since the census of 2010, to its current level of 31,000 + . The median household income has climbed to $69,000, exceeding the state average of $57,000 by 10%. Besides the benefits of being a bedroom community of Atlanta, Woodstock has a solid business base, with companies in the manufacturing and service sectors.


The town of Woodstock GA has a high concentration of dental offices- to date numbering 60 separate locations, double the national average of 1 office per 1000 people. The competition for customers on the local market appears to be healthy, with offices participating in a variety of marketing activities, primarily self-promoted and organized events. For an area such as Woodstock, Denta+Media would have predicted a concentration of higher scoring offices in our ranking system- proof that a more aggressive approach would benefit a forward looking sole proprietor office.


The city of Woodstock has a strong sense of community, hosting regular events from 5K races to movies in the park. An active downtown pulls the community together and gives new practices the opportunity to sponsor, socialize and become known to the area. Learn more about the city's events or even the downtown scene by checking out and following their Facebook pages.
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Chain dental (Dental Service Organizations) have made some in-roads into Woodstock, GA. National DSOs Coast Dental, Pacific Dental Services, and Smile Doctors have installations in Woodstock, and local chains Imagix and First Choice also have offices here. Out of an estimated 60 offices in Woodstock, with DSO participation at 30% nationally, particularly in affluent outer suburbs, we could expect further investment by DSOs in Woodstock.


The offices in Woodstock range from orthodontic, periodontal, implant specialty, endodontic and pediatric- there is a strong emphasis on orthodontics (6 offices) and pediatrics (2) with the low average age of 34 years in the town. With the growing population and new homes building, we can expect greater opportunities at this range of the scale. Group Practices and DSO's oriented toward the Group approach feature orthodontists and pediatric dentists. With only two Group Practices we could also anticipate growth in that category.


In summary, there's a great opportunity in Woodstock for an aggressively marketed general practice, family, orthodontic or pediatric dental practice owned by a sole proprietor. Advanced practices of dental marketing have yet to make serious in-roads in this town.