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Maple Grove, Minnesota

DentaMedia Social Factor Score: 0 | City: Maple Grove State: Minnesota Zip: 55311, 55369 | Population: 65,415

Photo: Rice Lake, Minnesota. Pixabay. Free for commercial use.




Area Survey, Maple Grove Minnesota


Maple Grove is one of the fastest growing towns in the United States, with a 16% population growth since the 2010 census, and 36% since the 2000 census, which averages out to a 1.5% annual population growth. Maple Grove is an affluent suburb of the Twin Cities – Minneapolis/ St. Paul, with a median household income of $95,000, and is a focus area for our Denta+media Area Research team. The Twin Cities stand alone in the northern region of the United States for their notable early adaptation of advanced dental marketing methods. This week we are going to be concentrating on the Twin Cities area, where we are hoping to unearth clues as to why certain areas in the United States rapidly outstrip other areas – despite similar median household incomes.

The first feature we look for in our research is office branding – the implementation of colorful, professionally designed logos tells us that offices have begun to invest in local marketing strategies. The first thing a marketing consulting firm needs to address when overhauling an individual office image is the web site and social media presence- custom designed office logos that communicate on the web site, and across social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Google + and Pinterest are a critical first step in new office image development. Kottemann Orthodontics, Grove Dental Health, Twin Cities Dental and TC Orthodontics as well as area centered chains Park Dental and Metro Dental all demonstrate great logo development. The competition for locally owned offices with locally focused and owned chains is a unique feature of the Twin Cities. Metro Dental and Park Dental are clearly in a head to head competition – nowhere else in the USA do we find two locally owned chains with 40+ offices each, and with a rapid expansion plan, battling it out at this level. Both chains are doing a great job of branding, and the Twin Cities are relatively isolated, so that the opportunity to expand to another large, growing, metropolitan area is limited. Wisconsin is heavily invested with other regional and national chains, and there are scant opportunities to the south, north or west. The head to head competition of Metro Dental vs. Park Dental puts added pressure on the sole proprietor office – we will look more carefully at the Maple Grove success stories.

Grove Health Dental is an example of outstanding branding – a distinctive logo which ties into local symbols – a maple leaf, and colors. Hope Wanzek, the dental office manager, with previous experience in the field, has done a great job bringing the inbound marketing effort to fruition, in particular the use of Facebook for reviews, and the posting of blogs. The office obviously has a great relationship with its customer base, as we couldn't find more than one unfavorable review in the hundreds posted. We didn't see any evidence of community event participation, and while the blog is posted weekly, it focuses mainly on professional concerns. At Denta+media, through our area research, we have found that inbound marketing content, when enriched by stories of community event participation, creates a narrative compelling to the most interesting demographic – the Millenials – your new customers.


We look forward to returning to Maple Grove, Minnesota very soon, to look in on the local dental marketing scene.