Gainesville, VA – Dental Market Area Survey. Promote your dental practice locally

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Gainesville, VA – Dental Market Area Survey

DentaMedia Social Factor Score: 0 | City: Gainesville State: VA Zip: 20155 | Population: 11481


  photo: Lake Manassas, Gainesville, Virginia. by Ken Lund. Some rights reserved.



Gainesville, VA – Dental Market Area Survey


Gainesville, Virginia is an affluent town of 11,481 which is a satellite of the greater Manassas area, and therefore a target zone for the development of advanced dental marketing practices, as the competition between high end dental practices vying for patients in this area grows more intense. Although Gainesville itself is too small to experience the concentration of local events necessary for a dental office to consistently publicize itself, it does draw on the atmosphere of the surrounding Manassas area, which, with a population exceeding 60,000, does qualify as a Denta+media® hot zone, allowing for some of the local marketing techniques that we recommend.
The competition among orthodontic offices is particularly intense- and there are a couple of general dental practices which also warrant our attention. Sporting Smiles, a 3 dentist group practice with a score of 35, for example, has entered the Denta+media® top 100 offices in the United States by excelling in all four of our categories- social media, branding, event participation and personnel. We have found that the key to expanding your penetration of the local market is first to staff up for success- you need to be 2 or 3 deep in the front office in order to free up at least one person for social media and/or outbound marketing tasks such as event planning and execution.
Five orthodontic offices are competing for patients in this small area, and would benefit from increased outbound marketing such as event participation. We can see that investment in the best practices of dental marketing will be a trend in this area with its very high median household income of $125,000; for now the best performing office is Khouri Orthodontics, scoring an area high 22 for orthodontic offices. Khouri has a well staffed front desk, participates in events and charities, and could also benefit from more attention to social media management, such as Facebook. Other area standout offices include Alvorada Dentistry, Dunegan Orthodontics and Gateway Dental and Orthodontics, all scoring on or around 20 points.


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