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Orland Park, IL

DentaMedia Social Factor Score: 0 | City: Orland Park State: IL Zip: 60462, 60467 | Population: 58,590

Creative Commons "153rd Street/ Orland Park Station" by Adam Moss is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0





Area Survey, Orland Park, IL


Orland Park, IL, is a suburb of Chicago, 25 miles to the southwest, which has experienced population growth of 15% since the year 2000, which is interesting, as Orland Park is an established suburb, bound by other similar areas, such as Oak Lawn and Tinley Park, which suggests that this is a preferred landing place for moderately affluent suburbanites. (MHI is approximately $80,000.00) For a population of 58,000 we find 81 dental offices, which is a very healthy ratio; however we do not find much aggressive investment in the techniques of advanced dental marketing as measured by Denta+media Social Factors. This same phenomenon is representative of mature urban areas in the United States- dental offices seem to lack the will or initiative to make the kinds of branding and outbound investments we find in newly developed areas of the south, southwest, and southern California. So while some of the ingredients which would indicate a positive environment are present in Orland Park, something heavier, and more persistent, is holding it back.

There is certainly a connection between solely owned offices, the age of the owner, and the lack of marketing activity. We can make the generalization that some people do not enter dentistry, a medical profession, with the idea that they will need to market themselves in order to be successful. Another factor which depresses dental office marketing investment is the proximity of chain dental- but in Orland Park we find only one national chain- Dental Works. This is not to say that there is no investment in dental marketing in Orland Park: Aesthetic Dentistry, for example, is staffed for success, with a lot of front office help, which is a prerequisite for dental marketing. At Denta+media, we look at four aspects of a successful marketing environment-branding, social media, health event and charity participation, and a plan to liberate office staff to actually market. We have found thousands of dedicated marketing individuals in our research, which you may access through a subscription to Denta+Leads.net, our cloud based lead list, where you may access the data we accumulate on US dental offices.

Aesthetic Dentistry is on the road to advanced dental marketing- but they accumulate most of their points by participating in a variety of social media and good reviews, instead of developing a robust plan to engage the community. In our research we have found U.S. dentists, such as McCue Dental of upstate NY, that participate in weekly community events- they attribute their growth to multi-million dollar practices to this outbound activity, which also naturally provides the raw material for their web and social media content. Orland Park has a very healthy calendar of local events and charity opportunities which we at Denta+media track on our health event calendar.

Other stand out offices in Orland Park include Othman Orthodontics and Smiles by Lisa; there is a great opportunity for a dental office in Orland Park to take advantage of this affluent, wide open, growing suburban area.