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Area Survey, Bethesda MD

DentaMedia Social Factor Score: 0 | City: Bethesda State: MD Zip: 20814, 20815, 20816, 20817 | Population: 67658


Area Survey, Bethesda MD

Bethesda, MD is an affluent suburb of Washington D.C., with a median household income of 184000, making it the highest income area we have surveyed at Denta+media®. With a population of 60,000 and a somewhat incredible number of dental offices- 150!.. This is ground zero for understanding advanced dental marketing competition. Although we are in a densely packed suburban area with competing towns- no other area can rank as highly as Bethesda, and we can certainly regard the competition for patients in this fixed, bound area as a zero sum game.

Bethesda is locally governed with a town government that maintains a community event schedule, and the leading offices which we will survey take advantage of. At Denta+media, we track eight different categories of community events, which are the best way for dental practices to meet with the community, and establish your brand image as a health provider and healer. We believe that a dental office's marketing message should be focused on the presence of the office and doctors in the community- addressing community health issues instead of dental professional subjects. This is particularly true in the events category of Facebook and the office Twitter feed- which should be about the patients instead of the profession.

Bethesda has two of the highest ranking offices in the U.S. which Denta+media Social factors has reviewed to date- Rad Orthodontics and Kazemi Oral Surgery & Dental Implants, which we will investigate further to examine their best practices- both offices score over 30 points which put them in rare atmosphere, top 1 percenters! Both offices score high on branding- with creative, colorful logos that communicate across all media, although we would like to see the Rad logo- very innovative- prominent on the Facebook and Linkedin pages. Kazemi Oral Surgery does a super job with Twitter scoring 2000+ followers, mixing in patient and professional issues- the Dr's passion for his profession is clear. As the office further engages the community with more social, educational and charity events, they will build more material to disseminate throughout their social media- focusing on their relationships with their customer group.

Bethesda has a lot of room for existing offices to participate further…with over 150 offices the vast majority are still not engaging in what we at Denta+media call advanced dental marketing practices. After the two high scoring offices- one of which, (Rad Orthodontics) is a mini-chain, there is a big drop off in dental office marketing quality. With such an affluent local population, Bethesda MD will be a Denta+media focus area for years to come.