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Area Survey, Bowie, MD

DentaMedia Social Factor Score: 0 | City: Bowie State: MD Zip: 20716 | Population: 55,000

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Area Survey, Bowie, MD.


Bowie, MD is a city of 55,000 just outside the Beltway of Washington D.C. Denta+media has done extensive work in the DC suburbs, including cities and towns in Maryland and Northern Virginia. We have reported on a proliferation of some of the best practices in advanced dental marketing practices in the United States, as we continue our blanket coverage of the DC suburbs and the city of Washington. While Bowie MD does not lead the way, we are starting to see the ingredients of a great competitive landscape in Bowie. Interestingly, the town has three venues for community gatherings, and while each of our 20+ scoring dental offices in Bowie engage in some kind of self-organized or community event, we can expect to see a lot more of this in the future, particularly since chain dental, with the exception of local chain Neibauer Dental. Population growth has leveled off in Bowie- geographical expansion is bound, but the median household income is rising, due to proximity to good government jobs. We can expect new dental office entrants in Bowie.

Another interesting observation concerning inbound marketing in the area- there is a lot of good use of social media among the 10 leading offices in Bowie, which are uniformly using Facebook and Google+ very well, as both their primary social media outlet and for their reviews. General Dentistry, orthodontics and pediatric dentistry are all represented in this group- however, all the web sites look old, and there is not much blog writing or SEO on the sites themselves, so this is an area ripe for improvement in Bowie. Facebook and Google+ accounts have been set up a long time ago- and are serving their purpose. We did not find a lot of designated office managers in Bowie in our research, so that could explain why advanced marketing seems to have been frozen for about five-ten years, and why, despite all the opportunities to engage in community activities in Bowie, there doesn't look to be much going on.

Our leading offices are doing much right, however- Ambiance Dental Spa, Bright Starr Pediatric Dentistry, Superior Dentistry, Elite Orthodontics all have strong branding, and gain their 20+ Denta+media social factors scores on primarily on effective social media and reviews. My concern for Bowie MD offices going forward is the potential encroachment of chain dental- when sole proprietor offices do not market in the community, through community events, it opens the door for chain dental. We will keep an eye on Bowie, MD as we continue to survey dental offices in the Washington DC area.