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Area Survey, Florissant MO

DentaMedia Social Factor Score: 0 | City: Florissant State: MO Zip: 63031, 63033, 63034 | Population: 52,000

Photo by Paul Sableman, Florissant City Hall, some rights reserved



Area Survey, Florissant MO


Florissant, Missouri is a suburb north of St. Louis, with 52,000 inhabitants, and a median household income of 52,000, making it an average city in the United States, with respect to population and household income. In addition to Interstate 70, and the airport, St. Louis has two important geographic boundaries which delineate and isolate suburban towns such as Florissant- the Mississippi River, and the Missouri River. Florissant sits within the boundaries of these two major rivers, north of the I 70 and east of the airport, making for an almost perfect isolation, in relation to neighboring suburbs such as Ferguson, Bridgeton, Earth City, and Black Jack and Spanish Lake, to the east. From a population high of 65,000 in 1970, Florissant leveled off at approximately 50,000 by the turn of the century, and hasn't moved much since. As a result of its geographical boundaries, and flat population and income growth, despite the fact that it sits in close proximity to St. Louis, which was once a powerhouse metropolitan area, Florissant now represents an area where advanced dental marketing techniques are a requirement- as local patient acquisition in such an area is a zero sum game- there will be little need for office expansion until the population begins to expand back to historical highs. Notably, a few years ago, Florissant was named the #1 city to retire to in the United States. Not the best recommendation for the expansion of dentistry. Denta+media has surveyed a number of the other leading 'retirement' cities, but it is the first one we find in a rust belt Midwest suburban area.


However, there is some activity in Florissant- particularly among the competing orthodontic offices and our number one office, Soft Touch Dentistry- all scoring in the low to mid 20s. With Mcdermott Orthodontics, Olson and White Orthodontics and Koch Park Dental, we find four offices which can compete as well as any mainstream U.S. dental office, as regards advanced dental marketing practices. All four offices are particularly adept at Facebook marketing- and get good reviews on Facebook and Google+. In this area, Yelp has practically no penetration- as with other areas outside of the west coast, Yelp seems to have lost the thread. Ordinarily, when we find a total of 4-5 orthodontic offices in one small suburban area, we would expect to see some high end pediatric dental offices, but the Children's Dental Zone is the only pedo office branding in the area- so this could be an opportunity for investment. Oddly enough, for an area with such an average median household income, we didn't find any chain dental or local chain investment- so a commensurate investment by a sole proprietor would have a significant chance of success.


Denta+media is intrigued by the often turbulent St. Louis suburbs…we will spend more time there soon.