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Area Survey, Idaho Falls, ID

DentaMedia Social Factor Score: 0 | City: Idaho Falls State: ID Zip: 83401, 83402, 83404, 83406 | Population: 58,292

"Creative Commons The Fall in Idaho Falls, ID" by Tim Pearce, licensed under CC BY 2.0




Area Survey, Idaho Falls, ID


Idaho Falls is a fast growing town, with a young demographic, reflected in the high number of orthodontic offices in the area. In the last ten years, it has been rated one of the top 100 places to live in America, (2010) and continues to experience 2-3 % population growth every year. The median income of the area lags national averages, although it too is growing at approximately 2% per year. Denta+media Social Factors research has turned up some interesting trends here- the first thing we noticed was consistent, innovative office branding with great logos and creative signage. Idaho Falls has the benefit of space- all of the 56 offices that we surveyed are located in stand-alone locations. Only one dental chain was identified. So Idaho Falls looks to be a promising area for the application of advanced dental marketing techniques: a young, growing demographic, with only one caveat- we have been unable to identify an economic growth engine to drive median household income, which is at the core of sustained office revenue growth, necessary to justify continuing growth in office marketing investment.

We are going to focus on competition between orthodontic offices in Idaho Falls- we found eight offices all engaging in varying degrees of advanced dental marketing: McCord Orthodontics, Baker Orthodontics, Hillam Orthodontics, Mooso Orthodontics and Elison Orthodontics all score higher than 16 on our Denta+media Social Factors marketing scale, and are all packed in the 16-23 range, which indicates that the offices are observing each other's marketing techniques and responding in kind. This is the first instance of so clear a case of local competition that we have found. McCord Orthodontics is the highest scoring of the orthodontic offices in the area with a 23, and has invested in a dedicated Marketing Coordinator, one of the keys to achieving good results in in-bound and out-bound marketing. The big opportunity in Idaho Falls is the potential of local event marketing – participation in health expos and other health related venues. Local chains like Aspen Orthodontics and Hillam Orthodontics do a great job branding as well, and show up at some local health events. The city government has its own event schedule which is full of possible events for dental offices to participate in, such as October Breast Care Awareness events. The best place for customers to look for notice of your events is the Facebook Events area- where you should, ideally, put your events calendar.

We look forward to tracking the progress of the leading offices in Idaho Falls, as techniques of advanced dental marketing are implemented by the area's leading offices.