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Area Survey, Loveland, CO

DentaMedia Social Factor Score: 0 | City: Loveland State: CO Zip: 80537, 80538, 80539 | Population: 72000

Creative Commons "Sunset over the Rocky Mountains, viewed from Loveland, Colorado" by Paul L Dineen, licensed under CC BY 2.0.


Area Survey, Loveland, CO


The population of Loveland, CO. has increased 80% since 1990, making it one of the fastest growing towns in America. At approximately 72,000 inhabitants, it is, on paper, an ideal locale for the practice of advanced dental marketing, as measured by Denta+media's Social Factors scale. Digging deeper into the data, the average age of Loveland is 36 years old, so this is the ideal locale for family formation, one of the building blocks new dental office investment, and the application of advanced dental marketing practices. The anomaly in Loveland is the median household income, which is increasing, but still sits at $55,000- about the national average. According to Areavibes, Loveland has a low crime rate, good weather, and a growing business base. So we can expect more growth in the future; one other interesting development, a national chain (Bright Now) and a regional chain (Benchmark) both have recently pulled out of Loveland, leaving Pacific Dental Services as the sole dental chain in Loveland, which means the way for local dental offices is clear. There are 45 dental offices in Loveland, for a population that should be able to sustain about 20 more offices. The community health center is active, and maintains a good event schedule, and with the outdoor orientation and good weather, Loveland is a great location for an events based strategy.

We did not find many high ranking offices in Loveland, so the opportunity for a ground breaking office in Loveland is considerable. Reynolds Oral & Facial Surgery is the highest scoring office in town, with a 25 on our Denta+media Social Factors scale: with Grant Bukowski, a dedicated marketing coordinator, this office is working with all eight social media outlets, and is scoring well in reviews. We see some evidence of local event participation as well, and the office has an interesting logo which is featured on the web site, social media, and on the office store front, with a consistent image. Reynolds Oral & Facial Surgery demonstrates what a difference a dedicated marketing coordinator can make. There is a drop off after this stand out office- Kindergrins has very creative branding, as does Rhonda Krause, DDS. 


We will return to Loveland Colorado next year, when we expect to see new dental offices, and increased dedication to advanced dental marketing practices.