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Area Survey, Milford, CT

DentaMedia Social Factor Score: 0 | City: Milford State: CT Zip: 06460, 06461 | Population: 53000

Photo by Doug Kerr. Milford, CT. Some rights reserved.



Area Survey, Milford, CT


Milford is a shoreline town just north of Bridgeport, which has flat lined in terms of growth since the year 2000, at a population of 53,000- single home construction is way off the highs of the late 90s, indicating a town in stasis, although there has been steady growth in the median household income, which now stands at $76,000, there seems to be nowhere for the town to grow to, bound as it is by the Long Island Sound, an inlet to the south west, and the interstate to the north. While these limitations do not bode well for a high level of competition in advanced dental marketing, we do find the leading offices in Milford working at a high level, with many offices scoring more than 20+ points, all branding well and practicing social media at better than average level. So far, Denta+media has not found any marketing coordinators working in the dental offices of Milford, so the inbound marketing that we do find is handled by office owners and managers. Office participation in outbound activities such as event and charity participation is at a low to moderate level in the high scoring offices- this could be a difference maker in the zero sum game of local patient acquisition in Milford, Connecticut.

Sensitive Care Cosmetic & Family is the area leader on our Denta+media Social Factors scale, which measures four parameters of advanced dental marketing- branding, social media, office personnel dedication, and local events participation. This office scores well across the board, most notably distinguishing itself by scoring 4 out of a potential 16 points in local event participation. Facebook and Google+ are the office's social media focus, and where most of their reviews are recorded. The office is well staffed and managed with excellent reviews from their patients. The office has an original logo which communicates well across the web site, social media, and printed patient samples. Concerning the content of the web site and social media, at Denta+media, we recommend that the office content be centered around the story of local events- charities and health expos, for example, where the office principles and marketing oriented personnel can build a strong branding image in the community. Sensitive Care Cosmetic & Family dental care also participates in social events- with which educational, health care and charity participation are the most important of the local events opportunities for branding.

Other leading offices in Milford include Shoreline Dental Care, Comfortable Care Dentistry, Opin Wide Orthodontics and Big Smiles pediatric dentistry.