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Area Survey, Palm Desert/ Rancho Mirage Ca.

DentaMedia Social Factor Score: 6 | City: Eastern Riverside County State: CA Zip: 92210, 92211, 92234, 92235, 92255, 92260, 92262, 92270 | Population: 200000

Creative Commons Palm Desert and San Jacinto Mountains, CA 2-14 by Don Graham is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.




Area Survey, Palm Desert/ Rancho Mirage Ca.


Eastern Riverside County, including Palm Desert, Rancho Mirage, Palm Springs, Cathedral City, and Indian Wells comprise nearly 200,000 people, and present an interesting test case of a micro market of a forward looking demographic – that dominated by older people. This 'snow bird' area, which doubles its population in winter months, lacks the driving factor behind an increase in advanced dental marketing: new household formation. At present, advanced dental marketing as measured by Denta+media's Social Factors Marketing Scale is closely tied to families entering into new or existing home purchases, neighborhood creation and net growth of an area, parameters which drive up median household income. Denta+media began its research in areas that have demonstrated economic growth over the post-recession period, which is a challenge, and in these areas advanced dental marketing is predominantly represented by orthodontic and pediatric dental offices. 

In eastern Riverside County, we have not identified a single dedicated pediatric dental office, and so far we have found 3 orthodontic offices, out of 124 offices researched. So we must look to general practices which have invested in marketing to compete against the presence of national chain dental, in particular Pacific Dental Services and Hospitality Dental Services. With an older demographic, a group practice approach is critical, as individual cases will involve choices of reconstructive surgery, prosthodontics and implantology. We have one other observation: older Americans are also motivated by community events, charities and health expos, as they tend to have a lot of time on their hands, so a local events driven marketing strategy could give positive results in the retiree dominated setting. We have seen some evidence of this in a couple of high scoring offices in the area:

  • Desert Dental Spa, Missy Ibrahim D.D.S. is the only + 22 scoring dental office in Palm Desert, out of an amazing 96 offices researched, and they have an Events category on Facebook, which is not really utilized, even though we see some evidence of events attendance. The office gets great reviews.
  • Cros Dental and The Center for Orthodontics in Rancho Mirage both have great looking logos and utilize Facebook and Yelp reviews well, and also exhibit some manifestation of a local events strategy. Both offices are score higher than 20 – and are the only ones that do.

In conclusion, considering the population growth in this area – driven by the aging demographic, and a better than average median household income, dental practices with a group practice set up should do well here – a local marketing strategy focused on health expos and charities will pay dividends. At Denta+media, we have identified four factors of social marketing that lead to success in dental marketing: branding, social media, personnel training, and participation in local events. Tomorrow we will look at neighboring Palm Springs for signs of advanced dental marketing.