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Rockville MD

DentaMedia Social Factor Score: 0 | City: Rockville State: MD Zip: 20850 , 20851, 20852, 20853, 20854, 20855 | Population: 107378

photo by S. Pakhrin. Uncorked Wine and Music Festival. Rockville, MD. Flickr


Area survey, Rockville MD


Rockville MD is the seat of Montgomery County government, northwest of Washington D.C., and while it is home to many federal government employees, the city has a core of its own government and businesses that attract commuters during the day. This could account for the extraordinarily high number of dental offices in Rockville- over 200 and counting, as people will take care of their medical needs adjacent to work. The Montgomery County/ city of Rockville government area looks bigger than the capitals of some countries I have visited. The local and county taxes can pay for a lot of health care infrastructure, so there is an extensive community health center system, which you can find links to at Denta+Leads ®, with your subscription, in addition to detailed information on all of the dental offices.

In our area survey of Rockville, we find about 20 of the 200+ offices practicing some degree of advanced dental marketing, with a big cluster in the Denta+media® Social Factors 20-25 point range. All of these offices- primarily orthodontic and pediatric dental offices as usual, are engaged in effective social media practices. The greater challenge is finding venues for health expo activities- the best way to meet members of your community. Rockville is somewhere between the very mature suburban area and the newer areas such as the Austin or Houston TX suburbs, where we find a high degree of new offices which are high scoring on our Denta+media Social Factors scale. This is because the population growth in a geographically limited area levels off- so regardless of the affluence of its inhabitants, there is only so much room for the addition of new families. However, with the density of offices, Rockville, like Silver Spring, shows great potential for investment in in-bound and out-bound marketing services.

Shin Orthodontics, Burk & Flinn Orthodontics and North Potomac Smiles are the leading offices in Rockville, and they are all managing their social media well…and have not opened up distance between the competing offices by participating in local events. All three offices brand well, and are staffed adequately to ramp up marketing going forward. A telling sign- none of the leading offices have invested in their own marketing personnel, which is an indication that they could actually manage an event schedule.

After this small group of leading offices, the competitive landscape in Rockville drops off, and the dental offices begin to look more like Silver Spring than Bethesda. Next week we will survey across the river, in the immediate urban/suburban cities of McLean, Arlington and Alexandria, where we will learn more about advanced dental marketing in the most affluent area of the United States.