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Area Survey, Silver Spring MD

DentaMedia Social Factor Score: 0 | City: Silver Spring State: MD Zip: 20901, 20902, 20903, 20904, 20905, 20906, 20910, 20912 | Population: 71, 952

 photo: Silver Spring MD. Flickr. Some rights reserved


Area Survey, Silver Spring MD


Silver Spring is a mature suburb northeast of Washington D.C., bordering the nation's capital, with a population of 71, 952 according to the latest census, and with a median income of $72,954. Silver Spring shares many characteristics of tightly bordered, mature suburban areas- Brookline, Massachusetts comes to mind. The established investment in office buildings that could be 50+ years old, limits the physical branding possibilities of the dental offices in Silver Spring- due to the prohibitively high cost of real estate, an independent office with its own parking would be impractical. So in Silver Spring, we see what have also seen in other geographically bound suburban areas with a large inventory of old office space- a complete lack of evidence of advanced dental marketing practices, despite the other positive factors apparent- such as a relatively high median household income, proximity to some of the wealthiest consumers in the U.S., easy access to public transportation, and a high density of dental offices (169 and counting) competing for the same customers. Indeed, real estate value is such a large factor in determining the location of offices, that we find many offices within the homes of the dentists- not the best outbound marketing strategy.

When physical branding such as office design and signage are not an option, in-bound marketing becomes the primary source of new patient acquisition, which you could potentially augment with a direct mail postcard program. Silver Spring may be the biggest potential market Denta+media has seen for dental office marketing consulting services, as out of the 169 offices, only 1 scores over 20- in this case a pediatric dental office, Smileland Pediatric Dental, which scores well on its social media and reviews, has interesting branding, and gets involved in the occasional local event. With the density of the population, the possibilities for local health expos, or exhibiting in local 5 or 10 K races is high…for example there is a race next weekend in Greenbelt, MD, which is a health expo opportunity. At Denta+Media, we help you link to your local event schedule, and can offer event management tips. On September 24 there is another health event with great expo opportunities in Silver Spring itself.

If we were to sum up the advanced dental marketing scene in Silver Spring, MD, potential would be the keyword. The offices we have surveyed there this week, although numerous, are doing very little inbound and outbound marketing. Considering the demographics of the D.C. region, we would expect this to change very soon.