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Frederick MD

DentaMedia Social Factor Score: 0 | City: Frederick State: MD Zip: 21701, 21702, 21703, 21704 | Population: 67,000

Image by Jon Dawson. Carroll Creek - Frederick, MD. Some rights reserved.


Area Survey, Frederick, MD



Once a sleepy town well outside of the turbulent Washington D.C. suburbs, too far to be considered a suburb of the capital area, Frederick is now one of the fastest growing towns in the United States, and a nexus of advanced dental marketing practices. With more than 100 dental offices in a metropolitan area of 67,000, and many new entrants to the area, Frederick now exemplifies the type of town where we can see competition over new patients play out. With its packed highways, booming shopping areas, and new developments, Frederick MD has attracted families with steady incomes – so we can expect the growth of pediatric, orthodontic and family dentistry.

Frederick is the ideal size for the establishment of a regular schedule of community events, which are now the best venue for dental office owners and staff to meet with the prospective customers, and the median income of the town, $68,000, exceeds the national average by 20%. The leading offices which we have encountered in Frederick are pediatric and orthodontic specialties. The Pediatric Dental Center of Frederick is the highest scoring office, with a 32 on our Denta+media Social Factors scale, scoring well on in bound marketing, with good use of Facebook as a marketing and branding tool, as well as many Twitter followers, which is rare among dental offices. The social media practices of the Pediatric Dental Center are worth noting- they gain traction because they portray the office's relationship with members of the community, and the office role as a health care giver, instead of on professional topics which would appeal to members of the professional community. The office relationship with the community is cemented by a continuing presence in the local event schedule, with regular attendance at health expos, athletic events, charities and on the local school scene.

One big reason that Pediatric Dental Center of Frederick is able to carry out all aspects of the Denta+media marketing plan is the office staffing plan, with a full front office staff and a dedicated marketing coordinator. The office has a well-designed, distinctive brand which is always displayed equally and equivalently on all social media outlets as well as the web site, as well as the office signage. Touching all the bases, the Pediatric Center of Frederick is one of the top 100 Denta+media dental offices in the United States.

Other noteworthy dental offices in the Frederick MD include Opal Ridge Dental, Yellow Ridge Dental and Zainali Orthodontics, which we will write about in future area surveys.